Programmatic Advertising

Jul 4, 2017

Programmatic Advertising

In a Candid interview with The Afternoon D&C Founder & CEO, Ashish Shah shares about the process of building the business we have today with a run down on the memory of how the idea had emerged in the first place. Thinking back on the start of it all, he recollects the promising future of online business he could see back then when there was merely nothing of the current frenzy. Never categorizing themselves as the one’s to work under someone else, the IT Sector pretty easily caught his attention. He reminisces two decades ago at the start, he quotes, “The domain rates were very high and some of the early entrants were leading the market. We had really offered services at best rates and we also had good ride in this segment of business.”

When asked what makes Vertoz stand out from others, he makes it clear, that Vertoz is not into bigotry towards the bigger businesses, and works with everyone equally without focusing on the size of their business. What Future holds for Vertoz? He reflects, “Vertoz focuses on building a better technology for easy buying and selling of media. We plan on scaling up by sourcing more demand and supply partners, onboarding new advertiser and publishers and upselling & cross-selling of various ad channels/ad formats. We also plan to bring in new interactive Ad Formats for display, video, mobile and native advertising for our customers to connect better with their audiences.”

Trunkoz group two decades old is now a web infrastructure business catering to businesses and individuals with domain, hosting and cloud services. He furthermore the company’s venture into Programmatic Advertising in the year 2012 by building business under Vertoz. Sharing about serving both Advertisers and Publishers he shares the expansion and future plans for the company.

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About Vertoz:

Vertoz is the complete advertising and monetization suite. Programmatic advertising comprises of automated media buying, placement, and optimization of digital advertising, where both supply and demand partners are free from human intervention. Vertoz is among the top programmatic company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetizing solutions. Amongst all the top ad tech companies, we empower a global roster of top advertisers and publishers- all under one roof. We offer one-stop-shop for you! We only talk about programmatic advertising technology and we cater out finest ad buying system.

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