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The Most Efficient

We Believe In Providing
The Simplest & The Quickest, But The Most Efficient, Digital Advertising Solution.

Intricate Advertising Goals

Advertisers Can Easily Achieve
Intricate Advertising Goals, While We Do The Complex Data Crunching With Our Cutting-Edge Technology To Reach The Right Audience

Complex Optimization Decisions

Advertisers Don’t Need To Worry About The Complex Optimization Decisions-
Leave Them To Our AI And ML Driven Advertising Platform

Intelligent And Transparent

Our Intelligent And Transparent Online Advertising Platform Is Powered By Advanced  Programmatic Techniques

We believe that brands & advertisers should focus all their resources on one thing i.e.making products and delivering services. We empower brands with more time and energy to accomplish this while we take care of digital advertising for them. Vertoz, a one-stop-solution, helps advertisers to reach the right audience with its programmatic advertising solutions and services.



AI Fueled Programmatic Advertising Platform

Every advertising campaign aims to ensure that the brand seizes the moment by reaching its target customers at the right time. Programmatic advertising helps advertisers to successfully find those customers whose interests and preferences form the right match for brands’ offerings.

Vertoz offers an advanced programmatic advertising platform – ‘Ingenious Plex’. It is fueled by the cutting-edge technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML). It facilitates smart targeting and enables advertisers to connect with the right publishers, and through them the right users.


Advertisers’ prospects are present everywhere, but in a stealth mode. Our programmatic advertising platform supports Omnichannel targeting, which helps advertisers to find those hidden prospects present on multiple platforms.

Display Ads


Customers remember brand’s visual message at the time of purchase. Display ads have proven to provide top of the mind recall while purchasing.
Mobile Ads


Consumers surf the internet on mobile sites & apps. They also spend a good amount of time on mobile games. This is where we engage the prospects of the brands, giving them the best CTR% and the lowest CPMs.
Native Ad


Native Ads are non-intrusive and user-friendly ads which give better campaign results. Through native ads, marketers see a multifold growth in CTR%
Video Ads


Brand recall with video ads is way higher as compared to any other form of ads. As customers are consuming more video content, marketers shouldn't miss out on this opportunity to reach them

Glimpses of our Platform

Here’s are a few glimpses of our platform. We have made sure that the platform is easy to use, and has quick and smooth navigation.

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Vertoz being a leading programmatic advertising company, primarily focuses on connecting advertisers to their genuine prospects. We accomplish this with the help of cutting-edge technology and by connecting advertisers with premium publishers. In this conquest, we partner with the leading publishers from different industries, where advertisers can run exclusive campaigns.

Ola CabAmazon

TripadcisorShoppers Stop

Enterprise Services

  • In-house Programmatic – With Vertoz’s advanced programmatic technology, advertisers/agencies can take control of their advertising campaigns, IN-HOUSE. They can Woo the clients with Vertoz’s cutting-edge advertising platform and their in-house programmatic team.
  • Managed Services – Vertoz is not just any other agency, but an extension to brands’ advertising teams. Our team of experts understands the client’s requirements and makes a tailor-made media plan suiting their advertising goals. Leave the goal achievement to us.


DIGIXX 2018 Award


Media Technology / Platform category at DIGIXX Awards 2019

Brands Of India Awards '19

Brands Of India Awards '19

by YourStory & Ministry of MSME in Advertising & Media

ABP News Award

ABP News

Most Outstanding Programmatic Advertising Platform 2018

MOBEXX 2018 Award


MOBEXX award for Most Outstanding Programmatic Platform For Mobile Advertising

DIGIXX 2018 Award


Digital Marketing Excellence award 2018 in the category of Media Technology / Platform


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