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Digital video advertising spends may grow by 40% in five years

As per the latest KPMG 2017 report, the digital video ad spends in 2016 stood Rs 1,380 crore. With advertisers and brands which is rapidly in demand by creating special digital video ads, it is expected to increase their spendsKnow More

Programmatic advertising firm Vertoz plans to raise Rs. 20 crores through IPO

In the news of announcing, Vertoz Advertising Ltd, India’s first programmatic advertising company venturing into the IPO (Initial Public Offering) way. The company is in the process of getting listed in NSE for its SME stock exchange Emerge. Vertoz isKnow More

Artificial intelligence in programmatic advertising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powering the ad industry’s change into the ad tech industry. This demonstrates why the ascent of machines buying and selling ads in real time is more efficient than human ad operations management. Today, machines are theKnow More

Guest Column: Blockchain in Media & Advertising

Blockchain is a massive ledger of transactions which operates in a decentralized network format as an open and shared database. Blockchain promises security as you go along transmitting or including crucial information. It’s decentralized nature guarantees no alteration or anyKnow More

Indian marketers to lose $350 million to mobile ad fraud in 2017: Report

When it comes to mobile app install fraud in India ranks one of the highest with 16.2% of it being fraud. India came in at tenth spot in terms of mobile app install fraud in the world. Advertising fraud isKnow More

Why Advertisers Should Move to Programmatic Advertising

The statics for the Programmatic advertising have been a pointing towards the upward motion what with it promising to on 50% of the digital ad space by next year globally. The world has adopted to the progressive nature of lifeKnow More

New Rules In Ad Game

Mobile Games are a source of entertainment and relaxation for it’s customers, people engaging in these applications indicate that they leisurely engaging in their free time and are in good mood, which is the most apt time psychology for anyKnow More

Vertoz Partners with GeoEdge to Keep Partners’ Ads Malware-Free

Vertoz recently shook hands with GeoEdge, a premier provider of Ad security and verification solutions for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem. Countering the recent series of cyber-attacks, this partnership will provide visibility and perfect publisher and user interest. VertozKnow More

Programmatic Advertising

In a Candid interview with The Afternoon D&C Founder & CEO, Ashish Shah shares about the process of building the business we have today with a run down on the memory of how the idea had emerged in the firstKnow More

VoLTE subscriptions expected to exceed 540 million by end of 2017: Report

VoLTE stands for voice over LTE and it’s more or less exactly what it says on the tin. It’s voice calls over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections which are usually used. We tend toKnow More