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Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to ad creatives is like SEO to
websites. It works as the enabler for optimizing and personalizing the
creatives for ad formats, making them more effective. One of the common
goals for every advertiser is eliciting a direct response from the viewers.
DCO, with its technologies, moulds creatives into the thorough
attention-grabbing, engagement-driven, responsive advertising tool. The
skilful algorithms, tactfully applied, facilitate driving home the
advertising message to the targeted group.

By right implementation of the below given DCO practices, advertisers will
be assured of numbers booming high.

1. Target & Retarget:-

The target campaigns are generally divided into two stages. The first stage
involves targeting, which is creating a customer persona after analysing
the market data and research. The technical side of it includes tracking
website visitor’s behaviour and browser cookies. Then comes DCO. It assists
in the formation of relevant creatives that will appeal to the buyer
persona the advertiser is targeting to. Retargeting follows after.
Retargeting campaigns are built by leveraging behavioural and demographic
segmentation, further helping in creating the right creatives for

2. Follow & Tag:-

A purchase journey of a single buyer will help you understand the flow a
visitor goes through before converting or abandoning, and which creatives
are influencing the sales. DCO enables in creating different creatives for
different individuals. The closer the conversion, the more hard-selling the
pitch becomes. Right creatives at right time can help the advertisers pull
the buyers down through the sales funnel. Using conversation tags on your
creatives effectively follows in driving purchase journey.

3. Monitor and Test:-

The work doesn’t end with the launch of the campaign. Monitoring the
performance of the creatives is equally essential. This monitoring helps in
making changes in creatives and testing them to increase your sales.
Advertisers need to keep raising the bar, even after receiving great
numbers. Furthermore, DCO provides a variety of A/B testings which can be
implemented to know which creatives are bringing in more yield.

4. Be selective and consistent:-

Initial decisions are what influence the path of the campaign ahead. Thus,
the advertiser needs to be precisely selective in the feel and message the
campaign is supposed to proceed with. Be certain about the elements
installed in the campaign and the message it may endorse. The campaign
needs to stay consistent on its theme from it’s dynamic ads to the landing
page of the brand. Consistency also asks for proportionate targeting, as
too many ads may backfire, and fewer ads may set you back. DCO revamps the
creatives of the campaign in real time without hindering the consistency or
message of the brand.

DCO’s algorithms and tracking technologies gear up the campaign creatives
to leverage the marketing message the brand aims to drive home and triggers
direct response through the most effective creatives directed to the right

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