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Why should publishers monetize their inventory with programmatic?



With the rise in technology, there is a huge shift in the digital advertising world. Everybody is giving programmatic a warm embrace. We over here are trying to simplify the word programmatic and why publishers should opt for it. Programmatic is an automated process which involves real-time bidding and an artificial intelligence technologies for buying and selling inventory across display, mobile, video and social channels. It is true that earlier some publishers were hesitating to give it a try for programmatic. However, later, they understood that programmatic is a safest to play and earn. Following are some reasons, why should publisher monetize their inventory with programmatic.

Advertisers are focusing more on RTB and going programmatic


If we take an overall look at the advertising industry, many of the advertisers are bending towards programmatic; so the publishers have also started entering it. The main reason behind publishers heading on towards programmatic is nothing but better revenue earning. An upsurge in the programmatic world, more publishers are making their inventory accessible, and it is possible now to buy all sorts of inventory via programmatic. As maximum advertisers are picking programmatic because of its obvious benefits, i.e. targeting and reporting, demand is also increasing. Hence, supply must increase on programmatic platforms.

Programmatic assure you with guaranteed bidding for the ad-spot


Before RTB came into the picture, it was very difficult for publisher to find the better fill- rate for its ad-spots. Now it is different, there is a huge competition among the players and programmatic advertising becomes the default choice to ensure sustenance. With the help of RTB publishers are gaining notable profit because there is pool of advertisers who are waiting to bid for the same ad spot in real-time.

In the programmatic world, numerous advertisers will be bidding for the visitor profile as well as other options like direct website targeting, contextual targeting, demographic targeting, etc. As there is high demand, maximum chances are there for publisher’s ad-spot going for bidding process for relevant campaign. At Vertoz, we help you to monetize your inventory, we aid you to find the perfect advertising match.

Publishers can enjoy benefits of open Ad exchange in programmatic


The introduction of ad exchanges has entirely changed the way display ads are bought and sold. On this platform, there is a free buying of inventory, plus publishers receive the highest fill rate. An open exchange is defined as an open digital advertising marketplace for collected inventory from numerous partners where buyers can bid either manually or programmatically to purchase ad impressions.

With the help of an open ad exchange all buyers can purchase the inventory in real-time. Programmatic provides publishers with higher revenues because their inventory is being displayed to the right kind of users that advertisers wants to target. Due to the open ad exchange technology, publishers receive best eCPM as they are receiving multiple advertisers.

Granular Reporting for publishers


The beauty of programmatic advertising and monetization is every activity from bidding to serving ad request is transparent. Publishers can see in real-time on the dash-board that what kind of ads are been shown, how much publishers are earning, how many impressions been served by the publishers and how many impressions won the auction.

According to these reports publishers can block specific advertisers, ad technologies, ads from specific location. In addition to it, guidelines can be created for block filtering and opt-in filtering for even specific granular controls. This will help publishers to show most relevant ads to their visitor. Relevant ads will increase user engagement and CTR with the ads, which will help publishers to earn better.

Programmatic helps in showing behaviorally targeted ads for high user experience


Behavioral Targeting can really help to improve the user experience and engagement for your website visitors. It enables targeting based on a user’s previous web browsing behavior across the internet. Behavioral targeting is a technique in programmatic used by online publishers who puts a piece of code on his website. Behavioral targeting is all about carrying the right content to each visitor to a website accurately. It moves the current focus on overall fallouts to segment outcomes.

Why should Publishers try gathering good traffic on websites?


It is the thumb rule in the programmatic world that content should be premium and genuine as it gives an extended user sessions on the website, more pages will be viewed in the same session by the same user and the bounce rate will be less. It is likely that more and more ads will be shown when the web page is refreshed.

It is always necessary to have potential and valid traffic on your website. The main reason why you need quality traffic is that an ad exchanges will never approve fraud traffic. If ad exchange detects fraud traffic it will straight away ban that publisher and that publisher will lose whatever he has earned. Always remember, good and quality traffic will always give good long term earnings.

It is essential that you know how to expand the traffic that is coming to your website, always keep a check with the help of fraud prevention tool. Otherwise, if your primary traffic source fails you, it could mean the end for your business.


The digital advertising industry is stirring and getting closer to a programmatic. Programmatic is the future of buying and selling inventory. This is the best time for all the publishers to get ready for it and take control.