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Why Ads Are Necessary In The Age Of Ad Blockers

We all know the havoc that ad blockers have been wrecking on the digital advertising industry. This debate was recently resurrected by the revolutionary Google Chrome update, which had included an inbuilt ad blocker within the Chrome browser, blocking out intrusive ad formats like pop-ups and pop-under ads.

Keeping in mind this current scenario, Techstory, in its brief interaction with Ashish Shah (Founder & CEO, Vertoz), discussed the perennially overlooked need for ads, which is now highlighted in the age of ad-blockers.

Unfortunately, users have always resented ads. This has been evident since the inception of the digital era. The popularity of Mozilla’s Do Not Track feature, which blocked advertisers from tracking a user’s identity and browser history, is a testimony to the same.

But, let’s not miss the point that ads are an important feature of the whole digital advertising industry. They are the only way to support free content to the users, not to mention an engaging way for the users to get the relevant product information.

The only problem with them is the intrusive nature of ads. Excessive and intrusive ads drown the content – the main attraction for the users. This is the main reason for the rise of ad blockers. Ashish says that it is crucial to address this issue of intrusive ads. This can be done through the use of native ads. They are non-intrusive and blend seamlessly with the content. Another possible solution is delivering engaging, entertaining and highly relevant ads. If the users no longer find the ads intrusive, they won’t block them!

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