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White-Labeled DSP: It’s Features, Uses & More


A white-labeled DSP comes as a massive rescuer for those who spend a lot of their time and efforts on third-party DSPs in order to harness the potential of programmatic technology. It is a fully-developed and customizable DSP platform that facilitates programmatic advertising with very little amendments.

It is more of a readily available tool that can be customized as per the brand’s requirements. When you choose to go for a white-label solution, you get yourself rid of paying monthly fees for self-serve third-party DSPs, rather, you own your DSP platform and carry out your programmatic campaigns in house.


Now, if you’re new to this programmatic ecosystem, you must be wondering what a DSP is. DSP, i.e., Demand Side Platform is a software that enables the buying and selling of ad inventories via real-time bidding. This means there won’t be any manual process involved which saves time drastically. For in-depth insights on the Demand Side Platform, you can consider going through this comprehensive read.

Benefits of Using a White-Labeled DSP


After signing up for a white-label DSP, you will have a comprehensive platform that will help you streamline all your media buying activities. You will have access to connect with SSP partners that you choose and have your own marketplace. There are many benefits of a white-labeled DSP and some of them are as follows:

  1. Cost-effective Solution
    A white-labeled solution is a relatively economical solution as compared to building your platform which would involve maintenance fees, technology development, salaries and so much more.
  2. Tried & Tested
    White-labeled products are comparatively trust-worthy since they’re tried and tested on other businesses and upgraded based on suggestions. This makes it a trustworthy model to adopt.
  3. Enhanced Revenue
    Agencies can benefit from a streamlined revenue mechanism since they own their DSP. It also strengthens the trust with their clients since they have full control over the campaigns.
  4. Transparency & Control
    You get access to transparent analysis and real-time reports which ensures full control over the campaigns which can be optimized as and when required. There are no limits to the data that you can fetch.

How Can Agencies Make The Most Of White-Labeled DSP?


White-labeled DSP can be used by agencies who’re looking to own a programmatic platform inhouse and manage campaigns of their clients. This can help them build a constant revenue stream without having to sign up for third-party DSPs to carry out programmatic advertising campaigns.

Apart from that, it also leads to an enhanced bond between an agency and the client since they get access to transparent analysis and real-time metrics which can be optimized as and when required. Not only this, depending on the company, agencies also get full ad ops support to help them with any queries.

White-labeled solutions let agencies customize the platform as per their brand and takes barely a month to get everything integrated, up, and running. You can have your programmatic platform in a few quick steps which involve signing up with a white-label DSP provider, customize the platform as per your brand, and kick-start your programmatic campaigns.

Features Of IngeniousPlex: A White-labeled Self-serve DSP


Vertoz’s IngeniousPlex is a white-labeled media-buying platform that deploys agencies with the right tools and technology to create, run, manage, and optimize their campaigns seamlessly. There are various features that you can unlock by signing up with IngeniousPlex and some of them are follows:

  1. Easy Campaign Setup
    It’s not mandatory for an agency to be a certified campaign manager to be able to create, manage, and run campaigns on our platform. It’s easy to set up and quick to begin with.
  2. Carrier & Device Targeting
    IngeniousPlex helps maximize the engagement rate of customers by displaying the most relevant ads to them with proper carrier and device-level personalization.
  3. Retargeting Suite
    With a full-stack retargeting suite, agencies can convert prospects into customers relatively faster with our technically advanced retargeting suite that ensures brand identity has resembled in the prospect’s mind.
  4. ROAS Tracking
    The niche number-crunching capabilities of IngeniousPlex combined with cutting-edge technology like AI and ML enables you to track and achieve complex goals at a much easier scale.
  5. Brand Safety & Fraud Detection
    Our brand safety mechanism allows you to stay safe and gives you complete control and transparency to choose where you would like to display ads of your clients and against what type of content.
  6. Granular Targeting Options
    IngeniousPlex offers over 25 targeting options for any digital campaign ranging from geo-targeting, browser and browser version, mobile or in-app targeting along with many others so you can target the prospects you choose.
  7. In-depth Analysis
    Along with full transparency, you get access to in-depth analysis and comprehensive reports in an easy-to-use interface that is quick to manage and optimize.
  8. Personalization Options
    IngeniousPlex offers various customizable options like domain name, brand logo, color, payment options, client offerings, etc which can be tailored as per your brand’s needs.


Bottom line: If you’re an agency looking to unravel the potential of programmatic technology by owning your platform, white-labeled solutions are the best fit. Depending on the requirement of your agency, there are plenty of companies offering a white-labeled solution that you can choose from. However, ensure that they’re integrated with basic and important mechanisms that can allow you to maximize your reach and revenue generation.