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Which Ad Network is best for you?


An ad network creates a nexus between the advertisers and the websites that want to host their ads. However, with ad networks flourishing across the globe in plenty, it is hard to choose one that is suitable to your condition and vision. Selecting a right ad network for your business is crucial for effective advertising and in order to design an advertising campaign, you need to understand how they work to make a well-informed choice.

  1. Brand Name and Brand Reputation


    All things being equal, an ad network with 100k+ advertisers on board will deliver you better performance than one with only 1,000 advertisers, right? Assuming that the number of active campaigns running on the network at any time is also equivalent to the number of advertisers.

    What is the resolution behind it then? First, a greater inventory stands for an ad network which has more options while trying an ad to a website based on its content; better known as contextual targeting. As we all know improved targeting equal to augmented user engagement and higher CTR rates.

    In addition to improved contextual targeting, a larger pool of advertisers directly means that a larger number of geographic areas are signified, hence, declining the chances that your inventory will go unsold. Finally, in the case of an ad network that trades inventory to the uppermost bidder, more advertisers mean more bidders, which clearly translates to higher revenue for you.

  2. Programmatic


    Before the dawn of the programmatic ad buying, digital ads were purchased and sold by human ad buyers or sales representative, who can be unreliable and far more expensive. Programmatic advertising technology has potentials to make the ad-buying system more effective, competent and therefore cheaper and faster.

    The evolving nature of ‘programmatic’ is the key that leads to stimulating the potential of digital advertising. This exclusive technology automates traditional media work flows, creating the buying and selling process faster, more precise and efficient.

    Most importantly, it gives advertisers and publishers more time to deliver the most substantial benefits of the direct relationship which they share, such as emerging breakthrough concepts and meaningful, strategic media plans with delivery guarantees, and insight-rich client interactions.

  3. Dedicated Account Specialist


    Some networks come with a dedicated representative or a team to aid you and fetch the most out of your campaigns. However, all these networks will be more expensive than other self-service available. Good advice from Vertoz: If you do have someone helping you, make sure they know exactly what your goals are and how they’ll help you achieve them.

    Perhaps you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your campaign, right? Some networks also have added offerings other than just online display advertising. In amalgamation with other selections like PPC and email marketing, online display advertising becomes even more reliable and effective.

    Whether it’s PPC, online display advertising or some other form of advertising, these same questions should be asked while you are deciding where to spend the marketing budget. Never fell shy to ask each network questions regarding their platform, audience, or services. Always negotiate, many ad networks may lower their minimums or allow for tests to show the effectiveness of their networks.

  4. Fill Rates


    If you merely take out an ad spot, rather carelessly, your ads may display to people who don’t care about your product. As an alternative, do a little study and research using analytics and find out where most of your customers generate or hail from. Then choose an ad network that has a good fill rate, or ad delivery percentage, in that area. At Vertoz, we give an opportunity to gain more revenue because we have advertisers that support a variety of ad formats and can fill various ad sizes. This maximizes the chances that your ads will be successfully displayed to the people who care about them.

  5. Relevant Ads


    Occasionally popups interrupt the intended purpose and tend to put the customer off. Instead, contemplate for an ad network that offers native advertising, which embeds the ad inside the user experience. Our ads are user targeted based on user intent and are non-intrusive in nature, hence it helps you to serve the purpose and not showing off your customers away. Think sponsored posts on any social media page: it is an ad without a hint or a touch like an ad, and therefore it has a much-restored chance of retaining the user.

  6. Deal Type: CPC eCPM Fixed deals


    Various networks out there offer dissimilar pricing options. Make sure to ask if they have any minimums clauses, what they are or about them, and do they comprises of customizable campaigns that can be adjusted or can fit your budget. Additionally, CPC models are more tempting than CPM models because you only pay for clicks. Vertoz has an accurate breakdown of the various pricing models if you are not already accustomed with the differences.

    We design custom deals that suit each and every client out there. While you will mostly find ad networks offering CPM or CPC model, however, Vertoz deals with CPA model and can actually benefit you much more in the longer run. The major reason behind it is that you are compensating when a user actually takes an action such as installing or signing up on an app.

  7. Click Fraud Protection


    A good click quality team, fairly covert about how they operate and monitor for click fraud, however, Vertoz has devised a three-tiered system to deal with fraud prevention:

    • Automatic filter:

      This filters out unacceptable clicks in real time. They are not visible in your reports and you are not charged for them.

    • Proactive Analysis:

      Our team investigates anomalies and fluctuations. If anything flawed appears to have been passed out, your company will be credited on behalf of that.

    • Self-analysis:

      You can raise or escalate a query yourself with us by filling in an online form and submitting information from your own investigation.


    At Vertoz, our fraud prevention partners ensure total security for all ad spends. Brand safety at its best: be brand safe by paying for feasible traffic without tumbling into fraudulent traffic sources like bonnets and agents. Our effective fraud detection system offers a safe environment and ensures you don’t waste any money on low-quality traffic. Our technical teams work on timely identification and prevention of any irregular activity. The campaigns are verified manually and automatically via premier verification software safeguarding the highest possible ad quality.

  8. Demand Partners and DSPs


    There are various sorts of networks out there. Some are very large players, some have a wide reach across the web, while others focus on one particular forte and categories. Some of them comprise of self-service while others are more hands on. Before selecting any one of them, there are few questions you should ask yourself about each conceivable network and how they are suitable for your business.

    As we mentioned earlier, depending on your strategy and budget, you’ll want to choose an ad network that best complements that particular strategy. For example, if you own a network which deals with hardware business, choosing a network that permits you to target IT associated categories would be a smart decision for sure.

  9. Reviews of Ad-Network


    Thorough research head towards every right choice you make in life; so never ever negotiate when it comes to selecting an ad network. Does your network offer any added features? Does it offer any provision regarding optimization of your content? What about the accessibility of support services by the ad network? What is the superiority of ads displayed by the network? Have you cross-checked the numbers, does that particular network have higher fill rates? Read Vertoz’s review on MonetizePros

    Ask these questions and do thorough research before you sign up with an ad network. A quality advertising campaign can work magic for your business if you sign up with the right ad network and it is only practical to choose the best.