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What fits your campaign better : OOH or DOOH?


You might assume that DOOH, or digital out-of-home advertising is just an extension of OOH, or out-of-home advertising. It’s not incorrect, because it advertises outdoors, but like every channel, these 2 mediums also have their specialities and key features that set them apart from the overcrowded digital market.

It is important for you, as an advertiser, to know what their advantages are and that can help you decide which channel you want to adapt. This can practically decide the structure of your campaign, and what would make the campaign a huge success.

What is OOH and DOOH advertising?

Let’s start with basics and understand what exactly these terms, OOH and DOOH mean.

OOH simply means out-of-home advertising, which literally translates to advertisements that you see outdoors, or in public places. This channel has the potential to reach a large audience, as it is right across the street, and without realising, we come across them every single day. This includes billboards, hoardings, posters on vehicles, etc.

DOOH advertising is more or less similar, but here the letter “D” means digital. These advertisements have a digital flare to it or use technology to make the ad look more appealing and engaging. This channel includes all the outdoor advertisements that have digital screens. Videos, LED signs, and digital displays all come under DOOH advertising.

While OOH advertising is a more collective term, DOOH is a part of it. Both of these channels are extremely effective in engaging potential consumers, as unlike online ads which can easily be skipped or blocked, these are sure to reach the audience.

Key considerations to understand

Both mediums have unique benefits and use cases that can help an advertiser reach a wider audience. So which one to choose? It’s a subjective question, that has no proper answer to it, as it completely depends on the advertiser and what it is looking to build.

But, to get a better idea, there are some key considerations that can help you differentiate between the two and understand which one might be more suitable.

  • Campaign objectives

Both DOOH and OOH offer effective reach, as they both are placed outdoors, and will capture the attention of the audience. DOOH, with its interactive features and videos has the potential to engage and attract a larger number of eyeballs, while OOH can be restricted to statics. But again, with an engaging copy, OOH can also prove to be a massive success. It depends what your campaign objectives are and what type of audience you’re looking to engage. That gives you a clear understanding of the channel that would prove to be more beneficial for you.

  • Budget

Budget is yet another factor that has to be taken into consideration while planning a marketing strategy. OOH is more cost effective, as it mostly uses static pictures. On the other hand, DOOH can be a little pricey, due to the technology it uses. DOOH has a larger spend, but it can also deliver good ROI, so if you have the budget to spend, then DOOH can be fruitful.

  • Geographical factors

Geographic reach is also a factor that needs your attention. DOOH is more effective in urban areas where digital screens and presence is prevalent. On the other hand, OOH would work brilliantly in smaller areas where digital presence is not available, as well as in urban areas, as it’s simpler to install and is also cost-effective.

  • Measurement and analytics

When it comes to such technical aspects of measurements and analytics, technology comes in handy. With DOOH, it is easier to get insights and optimise the campaign on the basis of what worked and what didn’t. But with OOH, getting accurate data is not possible, as it relies on estimated traffic.

  • Creative liberty

DOOH surely has scope for better creatives, as it is not restricted to statics. But again, with a smart copy and an attractive design, OOH creative can also manage to gain attention. It depends on how an advertiser utilises the channels to make the best of it.

How can we help?

At Vertoz, we understand the complexities of choosing the right advertising medium for your campaign. With our expertise in both OOH and DOOH advertising, we can provide tailored solutions that align with your specific goals and budget. 

Let us guide you in making the right choice between OOH and DOOH to elevate your brand and drive success.