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What Ad:tech New Delhi 2018 has to offer in its 7th edition

Ad: Tech New Delhi 2018 draws thousands of industry professionals each year and it is considered as the #1 Digital Marketing & Advertising Conference & Exhibition in India. With its 7th edition, it is back with a bang! Ad:tech New Delhi 2018 is all set to welcome you between 8th-9th March 2018.

Ad:tech 2018 is a forum for advertisers to exchange their ideas and develop new advertising strategies. It will be a confluence of marketing, technology and media communities.

This year, Ad:tech has drastically changed the structuring of its agenda by introducing new tracks.
Ad:tech 2018 brings you a fantastic line-up of influential keynote speakers. One can expect key insights on the current trends in the ad-tech industry. This is an opportunity for you to be an audience to some of the most engaging speakers from the industry.

Today, stories sell like hot cakes. Brands prefer to connect with their audience and sell their products through the medium of stories. Ad:tech 2018 offers you the opportunity to learn The Science & Magic Of Storytelling.

Ad:tech has lined-up many influencial speakers from the industry to speak on the future of programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising helps in targeting the right person at the right moment. It is powered by a cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking. At Ad:tech you will get the privilege to witness how the next generation of programmatic solutions is shaping the business dynamics.

Ad:tech 2018 also dicusses upcoming technologies like AI and machine learning which have revolutionary implications for the digital industry. These areas present a huge growth potential for brands. AI & machine learning can be integrated into your marketing strategies to get wonderful and unprecedented results. Programmatic advertising extensively employs such technologies. Keeping the same into consideration, Ad:tech offers insights into how brands grow using latest data tech & machine learning. As data is the pivotal element in the digital ecosystem, Ad:tech will also offer key insights to the industry experts on how data owners can tackle privacy & regulation.

Expect a line-up of hot topics like the top five Affiliate Marketing trends of 2018. Affiliate Marketing is taking the ad-tech industry by storm. It enables brands to run performance-oriented ad campaigns and pay only for the results achieved. There are a variety of models like CPM, CPC, CPL, CPV to choose from, based on one’s advertising goals.

In the wake of recent ad frauds like the Hyphbot and the Methbot which have created an environment of distrust in the online ecosystem, the burning issue of identification and minimization of fraud will be taken up. It is crucial for the industry to address this problem.

Ad:tech 2018 will also analyse how digital and interactive media fare against traditional media platforms. It will also provide a platform to exhibit a variety of advertising and marketing tools. It is a stage for the innovators of the industry to discuss about how the quality of these advertising tools can be improved. It will focus on data, analytics and measurement.

Ad:tech 2018 is the place to be for every advertising enthusiast. It’s a golden opportunity to network with ad-tech stalwarts and grow your business. Make sure to be there and catch the most happening advertising and digital marketing event of the year!

While providing a chance to discover what’s trending in the digital ecosystem, Ad:tech offers a robust roster of noteworthy speakers and curated content that adds the extra edge!

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that we are going to exhibit this year. We are looking forward to meet you at stall no 21. Schedule a meeting with us, now!