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Insights on latest innovation in video tracking and video advertising


In today’s time, all the digital advertisers for video advertising are looking for a reliable and comparable viewership numbers. As we all know the consumption of video content has been increased immensely. A suite of new products called as EKAM is announced by BARC. It will deliver an independent third-party measurement, verification of audience and eventually viewability of video ads and content across all the video platforms. This suite will measure viewership of linear, non-linear and pure play digital video content.

Ashish states that, these products will help video advertising and content industry to trail out all their viewership on each platform i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, including television. It is a massive step towards a new future has been taken by BARC India. BARC India will offer neutral data which is not influenced towards broadcasters or advertisers.

He said the online videos, live streaming video, news and in-video has grown in popularity in both the social and marketing worlds. People thrive on stories, they just need to connect and instantly it is memorable than most other forms of communication. Video storytelling brings a unique twist to the digital world, i.e. merging two preferred informational mediums into one promotional powerhouse.

As he mentions in this article, this move is set to be a game changer for the digital content industry and its key stakeholders, i.e. content creators and advertisers. We all know that advertising revenue is the dominant business model for streaming platforms, and the ad-revenue depends largely on the reach and viewership which the platform provides.

With the advance tracking system, video content creators can track their viewers and their behavior for a video. Marketers are looking out for newfound ways to create lasting impressions. In a sea of potentials, video stands above all, more than just a valuable medium, the video is unambiguously an advertiser’s strength. We at Vertoz, ensure that your video ads reach the right people giving you full exposure through our pre-roll, post-roll, in-video and other ad options. With our VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 formatted ad responses, we can increase functionality, better ad response and improved reporting for you.

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