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Vertoz’s Programmatic Workshop: Familiarize Yourself With The Futuristic Way Of Advertising


Technology is driving businesses throughout the globe – in multiple sectors and across multiple verticals. In today’s digital world, technology-driven advertising is the new normal for marketers. To ensure that marketing and advertising remain relevant to the changing demands for the digital and tech-savvy consumers, one needs to ensure that one is well-versed with all the developments in this ad tech sector.

Programmatic advertising is one such emerging and data-driven advertising technique. Though it is shrouded in a great deal of confusion and myths, it is nevertheless essential for marketers to familiarize themselves with this advertising technique that facilitates precise targeting on digital platforms. This disruptive technology is only expected to gain momentum with time. By 2020, more than 70% of digital ads will be traded programmatically, and one certainly wouldn’t like to miss the bus!

At Vertoz, we help you get introduced to the wonderful world of programmatic advertising.
As one of our initiatives to share our knowledge of programmatic advertising with our fellow industry veterans, we regularly conduct programmatic advertising workshops, which are open to all marketers across the industry. We have participants from all across the city and from a wide range of designations including CMOs, CEOs, MDs, Directors and Senior Management, Executives of the A&M team, Sales &, Business Development teams, Marketing Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Programmatic and Media Planning Teams. In addition to being a session of high learning, it also turns out to be a great networking opportunity for industry professionals.

We are conducting our next workshop on 12th October 2019 at our Mulund (Mumbai) office. This is the 10th workshop of its kind. During this workshop, participants are introduced to programmatic advertising, get an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and industry’s best practices and a live demo and real-time hands-on experience of working with a programmatic platform.

This is a golden opportunity for everyone who wishes to get familiar with this emerging advertising technique.

Here are some of the highlights from our past workshops