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Vertoz Announces A Revenue Growth Of Whopping 25.49%


Vertoz recently released its financial results for FY 18-19 and we are glad to announce that our consolidated net profit has increased to Rs 7.34 crore in FY19 as against Rs 5.74 crore in FY18 i.e. a 27.87% increase on YoY basis. Vertoz is one of India’s leading ad tech and digital advertising companies and the first one to be publicly listed. We have witnessed growth in terms of revenues as well as EPS, moving in tandem with the substantial growth in the digital advertising industry of India.

In FY19, our consolidated revenues from operations were at Rs 46.23 crore as against Rs 36.84 crore in FY18. We have successfully achieved a significant increase of 25.49% on YoY basis. Our consolidated EBITDA increased by 28.34% on YoY basis at Rs 11.05 crore in FY19 as against Rs 8.61 crore in FY18.

The strong growth rates are a testimony to Vertoz’s dedication towards its clients’ requirements. We believe in constantly keeping ourselves updated as per the changing and dynamic nature of the digital advertising industry. We ensure that we keep our products and services updated as per the industry demands. We have recently launched a multilingual native advertising platform to provide holistic solutions for digital advertising. With this launch, we hope to increase our market share and witness a surge in our clientele.

India’s internet penetration is constantly on the rise. This is true not just for the urban population but also for the rural areas. This has increased the momentum of the digital advertising industry and consequently, programmatic advertising is experiencing a huge boost. With this trend seeming to continue in the long term, we expect programmatic advertising to be the go-to digital advertising solutions for leading brands across the country.

Programmatic advertising is still in its nascent stage in India. However, it is growing rapidly. Vertoz being a programmatic advertising company, will be able to leverage this growth. In recent times, we have successfully onboarded some big-name clients like Ola Cabs and Mondelez India. This had helped us to increase our brand value and has brought us strong recognition amongst the industry stalwarts.

With the industry showing such huge growth potential, we hope to continue growing by leaps and bounds in the future.