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Vokut creates a unique platform: Confluence

(From L-R Anti-Clockwise)
 1) Hiren Shah, Founder & Chairman – Vertoz & Vokut ; Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO – Vertoz & Vokut and Yevgen,CEO with Vertoz & Vokut Team. 2) Yevgen giving the keynote address. 3-5)Participants of the conflence in the interactive session. 6) Hiren Shah, Founder & Chairman – Vertoz & Vokut ; Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO – Vertoz & Vokut felicitating Yevgen,CEO for his contribution to the industry.

India’s First Search Ad Network Conference

Mumbai, India. Vertoz and Vokut hosted ‘Confluence’ on 6 June 2014, Friday at ITC Maratha, Mumbai. The core focus of the event was to create a platform ‘Where Ideas Met Industry!’. The evening was graced by the presence of many among India’s top Search/XML ad network companies and the chief guest for the event was Yevgen Peresvyetov, CEO, of

Confluence was hosted with the intention to bring the industry experts and key players of the market to a single platform. We also focused on the issues faced by the whole industry and the concerns were addressed with ease. Confluence was one of the first of its type in the industry. In the history of the Search/XML Ad network industry, such an initiative was never taken up. The scenario in this particular industry keeps on changing and is never stagnant thus there is a constant demand of updated software that help to empower the traffic managers. The current resources that are available in the market are not up to the mark and adding to our worries. All such mind bothering issues were taken up and brainstormed upon. We also had a brief discussion on the problems relating to traffic sources and development of new ad formats in the agenda of this informal meet.

It was need of the hour to arrange for something like this and the issues were quite a very serious. Gathering competitors on a same platform was not going to be a cake walk. The challenge was well accepted and ideas started chipping in. The response that was received from the participants just added the cherry on the cake.

Yevgen, CEO, was very much contented by such an event and said, “This being my first visit to India, I was looking forward to meet everyone who are using our ( platform and interact with them to understand their problems, expectations and share ideas on how we can improve the user experience. I’d like to thank both, Vertoz and Vokut for hosting this brilliant evening of Confluence and making it possible for me to reach out to a lot many people in one go. It was a brilliant experience for me and I am sure that all who attended the event will definitely agree with me. The feedback I got was very satisfying and we at promise to strive harder to make our clients happier and improve the overall user experience”.

Hiren Shah, Founder & Chairman – Vertoz & Vokut, addressed that, “It is important to share ideas when you belong to the same industry. Together, we cannot just help and benefit each other but value ads and take this industry to newer heights. Being a part of the industry it becomes our collective responsibility to improve the quality of work that we produce and take the industry to greater heights. I am of the view that an event like Confluence not only brings all the ad networks to one platform but also presents them a stage to present their views and vision for the industry”.

“While we planned to organize Confluence the only vision was to bring people from similar business process under one roof for a pleasant evening of knowledge-sharing. We wanted to keep it informal and stress-free. This thought was very challenging in itself. We had a tough task but i am glad that we could manage it pretty well with the support of our workforce. The response was tremendously positive and as promised we will surely take this to international levels. It was pleasant to connect with every participant on a personal note”, concluded, Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO – Vertoz & Vokut.

About Vertoz & Vokut – Vertoz & Vokut are the Online Advertising Ventures of Trunkoz Group. Vertoz is an Ingenious Ad network offering Innovative Advertising on Display, Mobile & Search Properties; while Vokut is an Premium Ad Exchange acting as a Strategic Platform that bridges the gap between publisher’s direct sale of guaranteed inventory and their third party sold, non-guaranteed inventory.