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What kind of targeting options do you have?

We have a plethora of targeting options. We offer niche targeting options ranging from geotargeting, demographic, OS and OS version, browser and browser version, device targeting, carrier targeting, category... read more

What kind of reports are available?

We provide you various types of real-time reports to help you gauge the profitability of your ad campaigns. These reports include parameters like the number of impressions served, clicks received, your CTRs,... read more

Is there any suggested list of sites?

Yes. But this is possible only once we start the campaign. We can check your reports for the sites which perform the best for you. We can drill these sites from your reports or media planning and set the... read more

Is retargeting possible?

This is very much possible using our DCO which helps to retarget the audience. We can manage retargeting the audience who click on your ads through our pixels and... read more

Is it a self-serve platform?

Yes, it is a self-serve platform with constant assistance from your dedicated account specialist for getting the best out of your advertising spends. read more

How to add funds?

To add funds, all you have to do is login to your Vertoz advertiser account. Go to > Accounting section > Add Credit. You can select from the various payment modes available. read more

Can I upload my site list?

Yes, you can target a specific set of sites where you want to promote your ads. We also have an option of blacklisting the sites where you don’t wish to promote your brand. read more

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