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From where does Vertoz get the advertisers?

Vertoz has direct sales teams present at various locations across the globe. This is howKnow More

Is there any cost of signing-up with Vertoz? Can I use Vertoz’s ads alongside the ads from other ad networks?

There’s no cost involved for signing-up for our premium publisher program. You can run Vertoz’sKnow More

Where can I see my reports?

On successful approval of websites, all publishers get access to their publisher dashboards, where theKnow More

What are the modes of payment?

We offer various modes for payment – PayPal, Wire Transfer, NEFT (Indian Clients) and Payoneer.

What is the minimum payout threshold for payment?

The minimum payout threshold for payment is $100 for PayPal and $1000 for Wire Transfer.

What is my expected CPM or Fill rate?

The CPMs and fills completely depend on your traffic quality, ad positon, GEOs, site genreKnow More

What type of ads will you run on my site?

We use multiple retargeting mechanisms for showing the most relevant ads to visitors. Resulting inKnow More

What kind of ad formats does Vertoz support?

Vertoz supports ad formats like Text, Video, RichMedia, Display, etc.

What is Vertoz?

We are an ad-tech company and we provide programmatic advertising solutions. Our technology allows multipleKnow More

Can Vertoz block advertisers? If yes, at what level?

Yes. We can block advertisers at ad category level or at the URL level.