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The Success Story Of Vertoz And Its Founders


Every successful entrepreneur has a story to tell. YourStory recently covered Vertoz’s Founders Ashish Shah and Hiren Shah’s entrepreneurial journey and how they started off Vertoz with limited resources and went on to get it listed on NSE Emerge, making Vertoz India’s only public listed ad tech company. Here are a few excerpts.

Ashish and Hiren foresaw the huge potential in the programmatic advertising industry. Simply put, programmatic advertising is the automated approach for buying & selling online advertising space. It allows brands to easily access ad space for devices like desktop, tablet, mobile, and more. Vertoz has developed its own programmatic platform called ‘IngeniousPlex’. This platform uses codes & algorithms to match advertisers with the right publishers, and through them, with the right audience. It also minimizes human intervention, eliminates human error, thereby increasing efficiency & speed. It also enables niche targeting, which helps advertisers to reach the right customers. For example, with Vertoz’s platform, Colors Bangla launched a new TV show and was able to promote it to Bengali speaking expats.

Ashish and Hiren have been able to scale great height within a short time span of seven years. They started Vertoz in Mumbai in 2012, and today, it has evolved into a multinational company with offices in global business hubs like New Delhi, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, London, and Dubai. Last year, Vertoz recorded a turnover of Rs 36.84 crore. Under the leadership of Ashish and Hiren, Vertoz has grown into an organization of over 130 people.

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