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The Powerful Combination Of Programmatic And Native Advertising Can Help Brands Breakthrough Clutter


Today, it’s the need of the hour for brands is to stand out amongst the deluge of online ads. With banner blindness and ad fatigue making things difficult for brands to make an impression amongst the viewers, the industry needs a solution to help brands better achieve their advertising goals. Native programmatic advertising is the answer.

Native advertising is a non-intrusive form of advertising. The ads match the overall look & feel of the content of the media on which they appear. This gives users a better viewing and browsing experience.

Native ads have proven to perform better than banner ads. Users are more than twice more likely to click on a native ad than a traditional display banner. Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling of digital ad inventory. Programmatic advertising employs codes, algorithms, and data to select the ads to be shown and the amount to be paid for them.

Programmatic advertising helps to make native ads more relevant, and tailored to the user as well as to the placement, at scale.

Now, native programmatic advertising is a powerful combination of native advertising and programmatic. It fuels programmatic buying and selling of native ad spots. Native programmatic advertising enables advertisers to promote their brand communication in a manner that gels well with the surrounding content, at scale and perfection. The unique targeting abilities – the USP of programmatic advertising make it the perfect choice to deliver branded content. It also helps to eliminate display waste.

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