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The Importance of Picking the Right Creative for Programmatic Advertising


More than half of the marketers’ budget is projected to be spent on programmatic advertising and marketers are seeing great returns through programmatic ads as compared to the traditional media buying and selling. Programmatic advertising has proven to be very effective for advertisers thereby directly increasing their Returns on Investment (ROI). The tech behind the world of programmatic advertising ensures that your ads reach the right audience at the right time but, the key here is the Ad itself. In order to harness the full potential of programmatic advertising, the ad creatives that are being shown must have relevance to the person. Here are a few considerations that can come in handy for designing better campaigns:


Determining the Relevance

Determining the relevance of the advertised visuals is as important as identifying the right audience. Ad Creatives carry the brand’s image and campaign’s message to its target audience, which is why the relevance is important for a successful campaign. While building a campaign, it is important to know where exactly your ads are appearing and most importantly how are they received by the viewer.



Take Your Consumers On An Interactive Journey
With the right data, Advertisers can look to manipulate the creative content of the ad to appeal to individuals, taking into consideration their key elements like age, location, interests, etc. This brings in possibilities for multi-platform engagement and quicker relationship building with your customers. Programmatic makes it possible to monitor ad engagements to identify the people who interact with your ad, this data can be logged and used to better the ad experience for the same individual the next time he/she is viewing an ad from the same brand.



Personalised Videos
By now, it is a known fact that humans like video over text, which is why people spend incredible amounts of time watching videos online. Videos influence viewers into taking action, especially if they are personalized. Personalized videos cater to the individual, resonate with the audience and stay in their heads for a long time, as if it was embedded in there.



Harness The Power Of Data
Data is like the blood of programmatic advertising. Data-poor advertisers can only hope to reach out to their target audiences and establish a direct connection with them. On the other hand, data-rich advertisers, like those for whom a large part of the purchase journey happens online, can extend personalised communication from their CRM programs to their existing consumers and also to their prospective consumers. The effect of the data shown to the audience must be subtle in order to ennhance the brand message and creative.



Leverage Targeting
Harness the power of effective targeting to optimize the ad creatives that are updated on the ad networks in real-time. Before programmatic, it was difficult for brands to deliver relevant messages to various market segments because they simply couldn’t figure out who they were. With programmatic, it is possible to deliver personalized messages optimized in real-time. This can be done through tools like Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), which enable optimizing the creatives dynamically to enhance the viewers’ experience.


Engage Your Audience
Engagement Ads enable advertisers to use rich media ads, allowing their customers to engage with their ads. Primarily there are two types of [glossary_exclude]engagement ads[/glossary_exclude], Lightbox ads and hover-to-expand ads. The usage of [glossary_exclude]engagement ads[/glossary_exclude] depends on the brands’ objectives. If their overall goal is to increase brand engagement with their customers, [glossary_exclude]Engagement Ads[/glossary_exclude] are the way to go.


Implementing programmatic ad strategy means that the marketer is trying to collect extremely valuable data in real-time. From this strategy, these marketers know who their audience is and what their unique traits are, making it easier for them to run better campaigns and have next-level personalized communication. Vertoz is amongst the leading programmatic companies in the world, giving the right solutions to help advertisers and publishers run better campaigns. For more information visit our site