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The Future of DOOH Marketing: Riding the Wave of Latest Trends and Technologies


Picture this; You’re walking down the street and you see a huge billboard, displaying an advertisement, that is out-of-home advertising or OOH advertising. You move forward and see another ad, but this time it’s digital, it’s interactive, and it’s engaging. That is Digital out-of-home marketing, or better known as DOOH, an extension of OOH advertising.

DOOH advertising is a tech-based counterpart to traditional advertising that goes beyond billboards. It includes hundreds of opportunities that can be converted into successes with the same targeting abilities as other various digital platforms.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, DOOH advertising has carved a niche for itself, and it is continuing to grow, as time moves forward. As per straits research, (source : Link ) the global DOOH advertising marketing size was valued at 18.98 billion USD, and is projected to reach 57 billion USD by 2030. It means it’s growing at a CAGR of 13.20%. This is an indication for brands to take this as an opportunity and leverage DOOH advertising to reach their target audience.

DOOH advertising is all set to become a vital component of a successful marketing strategy. Let’s understand the latest trends and technologies that will shape the future of this industry.

Latest trends and technologies in DOOH advertising

Since marketing, as an industry, is constantly changing, there are certain trends and technologies that dominate the market. Let’s explore some of them that are expected to work for DOOH advertising.

  • Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic advertising? It simply means the process of using technology to buy and manage advertising spots. Think of digital billboards, or any other screens that a potential consumer sees throughout the day, it is all included in Programmatic Advertising. Advertisers can target relevant audiences in real time, to give better results. It is one trend that has evolved over time, and it surely works in the favour of DOOH advertising.

  • Location-based targeting

How can you possibly be a part of a potential consumer’s daily life? This is where location-based targeting comes in. It allows the advertisers to target audiences based on their locations, so the potential consumers wouldn’t miss it. Within your campaign strategy, such ads represent the business that is tailored to specific audiences, who are interested in the product or service.

  • Interactive and dynamic content

Use of interactive screens and displays is a newer trend in DOOH advertising, but is very effective in grabbing attention. The immersive nature of interactive and dynamic content has the ability to set the brands apart from the cluttered space of digital marketing. It gives a more memorable experience to the audience, which is why it has a stronger recall value and conversion possibility.

  • Mobile integration

With the growing number of mobile users, mobile integration is a crucial component of DOOH advertising. One of the simplest ways to integrate mobile devices into advertising is to put a QR code, which the consumers can scan to get all the required information. This is an interactive way to engage the audience, giving them a more personalised experience, which again helps with better conversions and recall value. It becomes easier for the consumers, as they no longer need to search, they can simply scan. AR technology can also be integrated, for a more interactive approach. With mobile integration, the possibilities are endless.


Through such trends and technologies, the future of DOOH looks promising. As technological advancements take place, businesses can adapt to it quickly to ensure they are on track, which is beneficial for them in a longer run. DOOH isn’t just a new concept, it’s a revolution that has put forward multiple opportunities for businesses to grow.

DOOH is taking the advertising world by storm and this is the perfect time to enter the space, if you haven’t already. It’s not just about catching temporary attention, it’s about sticking out and making an impression.