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Secrets About Programmatic Buying and Selling

The speed of technological development has ushered in industry 4.0, which features the trend towards automation, data exchange and artificial intelligence. The advertising industry is reflecting similar trends. In this era of ‘commoditization’, everything is about performance and results. The advertising industry is no bar. But thanks to the advent of digital advertising, it is…

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Remarketing and its significance for brands

Innovative tech-driven solutions have become a must in today’s world of digitization. The burgeoning ad-tech industry plays a vital role in this respect. However, the ad-tech consists of many buzzwords. One such word is “Remarketing”. Recently, Vertoz’s Founder and CEO, Ashish Shah, was in a brief interaction with IndianTelevision, discussing what exactly is [glossary_exclude]remarketing[/glossary_exclude] and…

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