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Secrets About Programmatic Buying and Selling

The speed of technological development has ushered in industry 4.0, which features the trend towards automation, data exchange and artificial intelligence. The advertising industry is reflecting similar trends. In this era of ‘commoditization’, everything is about performance and results. The advertising industry is no bar. But thanks to the advent of digital advertising, it is…

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Programmatic Video Ads – The Gleaming Path for Advertisers to Follow

Thanks to the arrival of high-speed data connectivity, and technologies like 3G, 4G, the upcoming 5G and fibre-based broadband services facilitating speeds of 100 Mbps, text-based content is slowly turning obsolete. Videos are the latest thing.In a fortnightly column named #SimplyProgrammatic, published on AdAge India and authored by Ashish Shah (Founder and CEO, Vertoz) he…

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Riding The New Wave

Vertoz’s Founders Ashish and Hiren Shah in a candid conversation with Entrepreneur India, on their Entrepreneurial journey and growth in the booming programmatic advertising spaceA decade before Vertoz came into existence, Ashish Shah & Hiren Shah started their first venture called, which had brought down the mailing period for international posts from 30-45 days…

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Ashish Shah discussing with Business Standard programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising is redefining the way advertising is done in India. It is an innovative and tech-savvy approach towards advertising and is the future of advertising in India. Here is Vertoz's Founder and CEO, Ashish Shah, in a candid interview with Business Standard, explaining the nitty-gritty of programmatic advertising.Ashish is of the opinion that programmatic…

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