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Beneficiary secrets about Programmatic!

In the era of ‘commoditization’, even programmatic comprised of economic value and it is distinguishable in terms of uniqueness and brand name. It’s all about the positives that the booming programmatic world has brought to this industry! There are numerousKnow More

Can Programmatic Buying achieve marketer’s dream of 1:1 marketing?

There is no hush-hush regarding programmatic buying and real-time bidding! They have changed the face of the digital media market vigorously. As digital marketing continues to transform, the challenge for marketers is to match up the pace with all theKnow More

Traffic Duplication: A treacherous threat might reach you this year!

A new impending hitch in the world of programmatic advertising: traffic duplication. The practice of traffic duplication is neither prohibited nor banned! For advertisers to feel relaxed along with a hike in their ad spend on mobile, there is anKnow More

Why Programmatic buying is the new buzz word in our industry?

The programmatic buying and selling of advertising, automation, real-time bidding and the digital media are moving rapidly. More than 20% of all digital advertising is sold by one machine talking to another machine. This generates a substantial amount of opportunityKnow More