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Politicians Are Using The Power Of Programmatic For Elections 2017

Today, even local political campaigns are finding that an online presence is vital to election success. Candidates can be easily outshined by opponents who simply run a better online campaign. Knowing the opportunities and taking advantage of them will improveKnow More

Mobile Marketing is Already Reaping a Positive Outcome

Over the past couple of years, mobile marketing has appeared as the game-changer for businesses and customers around the world. Mobile marketing is emerging and it will evolve as the dominant form of marketing in the very near future. InKnow More

the need is to change & grow

The Need Is To Change & Grow – Impact

The facet of online advertising is ever changing! Nowadays, before we start, we search everything online which contradicts the era and scenario in the 90s. This article covers the concept of a start-up which cropped up a while back andKnow More


How Entrepreneurs Can Opt for Innovative Advertising and Monetization Solutions to Earn ROI

Our CEO, Ashish Shah is sharing thoughts on how entrepreneurs can choose innovative advertising and monetization solutions over traditional methods. With the recent technology evolution, the trend of traditional offline advertising has changed. Slowly all the businesses across the countryKnow More


Programmatic Changing the Face of Online Advertising

In a candid interview with CXOtoday.com our CEO, Ashish Shah stated, “Programmatic advertising in India is still fresh. If you are new, observe the transforming key trends of this industry.” Globally, programmatic advertising has been remarkable in the online advertisingKnow More

How Online Mediums Are Helping To Build Brand Awareness?

In today’s free market economy, brands are competing with each other to dominate the market. It is done either by playing around with costs or improving the quality of their products. As competition is cut throat, in order to stillKnow More

Top Advertise and Marketing technology predictions for 2016!

Digital advertising and marketing evolves at a higher rate compared to any other industry. Over the past few years, we have seen radical changes in everything from website design to online advertising. Marketing and advertising experts say the year 2016,Know More

Emerging Ad networks trends of 2016!

The new dawn of digital marketing and the rise of social media use have changed the landscape of the ad network industry. Unforgettable and consistent branding, creative content creation and knowing and being considerate about your target audience are stillKnow More