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Politicians Are Using The Power Of Programmatic For Elections 2017

Today, even local political campaigns are finding that an online presence is vital to election success. Candidates can be easily outshined by opponents who simply run a better online campaign. Knowing the opportunities and taking advantage of them will improveKnow More

How well the concept of Targeting & Retargeting can be merged?

If a couple walks into a car showroom, there’s a rational chance that they are interested in buying a brand new car of their choice. So they have already analyzed its features and targeted that particular car model for furtherKnow More

On the verge of attending India Affiliate Summit 2015

Team Vertoz has a very strong reason to make the month of October totally rewarding for company’s growth. We are about to attend “The India Affiliate Summit 2015” which is going to take place for the very first time inKnow More