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Politicians Are Using The Power Of Programmatic For Elections 2017

Today, even local political campaigns are finding that an online presence is vital to election success. Candidates can be easily outshined by opponents who simply run a better online campaign. Knowing the opportunities and taking advantage of them will improveKnow More

Beneficiary secrets about Programmatic!

In the era of ‘commoditization’, even programmatic comprised of economic value and it is distinguishable in terms of uniqueness and brand name. It’s all about the positives that the booming programmatic world has brought to this industry! There are numerousKnow More

Why Programmatic buying is the new buzz word in our industry?

The programmatic buying and selling of advertising, automation, real-time bidding and the digital media are moving rapidly. More than 20% of all digital advertising is sold by one machine talking to another machine. This generates a substantial amount of opportunityKnow More

Paradigm of mobile media advertising!

The mobile media advertising is an unobtrusive two-way communication which got a viral response from the media industry, cellphone makers, advertisers, and operators. Ultimately, mobile media advertising became a new media portal, popularly known as the 7th mass media networkKnow More

Ad Networks: Misconceptions customers have about our industry!

Online advertising industry is on an upswing. But the delusion regarding this particular industry or the networks as they do not provide transparency is on the rise. Perhaps it is muddled because of the transparency which takes different forms forKnow More