Self-Serve SSP

Maximize your revenue with our algorithmic programmatic platform. With Vertoz, you can make the most out of every impression and maximize your revenue potential. Get access to our RTB enabled platform, connect to multiple DSPs, adexchanges and networks through us to get best eCPMs and the highest fill rates. On-board all your inventory across multiple form factors and platforms to create your own dashboards with the help of our easy to use RESTful API & JSON.







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Experience the power of Vertoz Yield Optimizer and header bidding over the traditional water fall model. Vertoz also works with a variety of inventories like websites/mobile web, video content and Android & iOS Apps. Vertoz also provides a host of integrating options like SDK, Javascriot and S2S API.

Ingenious Yield Optimizer

Inventory We Monetize

Integration Options

Programmatic Advantage for Publisher

Self-Serve Platform

Enables you to control each and every aspect of your inventory and monetization strategy.

Real-Time Bidding

Maximize your revenue potential through dynamic auction across all demand sources.

Premium Demand Mix

Get demand from all the major DSPs, ATDs, exchanges and networks through a single provide i.e Vertoz.

Highest Fill Rates

Our yield optimizer ensures highest fill at industry leading eCPMs.

Granular Reporting

View spontaneous reports and analytics of traffic performance and earnings in real time.

Innovative Ad Formats

Innovatively designed high impact ad formats that boost your audience experience.

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Self Serve SSP

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