Vertoz is publishers’ first choice for the monetization solutions. Our premium demand sources help you to maximize your revenue with competitive eCPM and highest fill rates. Get best revenue from your inventory by displaying highly engaging and innovative ads to all the readers. You can monitor your ad impressions and earning on a real-time basis with our effective reporting system. We diverse premium campaigns from across the globe.

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Integration Options

Header bidding
Self-Serve SSP
Maximize your revenue with our algorithmic programmatic platform. With Vertoz you can make the most of every impression and maximize your revenue potential. Get access to our RTB enabled platform, connect to multiple DSPs, ad exchanges and networks through us to get best eCPMs and highest fill rates.
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Innovative Ads
Vertoz’s innovative ad formats helps publishers to serve custom, high impact & engaging ads to their customers without disturbing the user experience. We programmatically serve nonintrusive, user friendly and contextual ads to enhance the user engagement. With these ad formats you can earn some extra revenue without disturbing your existing ad spots.
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Are you an affiliate? Want to earn more with your audience reach? Our affiliates get access to the highest performing & the best paying offers from our global pool of direct advertisers that help affiliates to earn more. A variety of pricing models to suit your needs: CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA, CPL, CPI, CPView, CPO, etc.
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Header Bidding
With Vertoz’s header bidding wrapper, get connected to multiple ad-exchanges at the same time. Enjoy the benefits of simultaneous bidding and get the highest eCPM and the best fill rate for your traffic. with Vertoz, publishers can monetize their websites, mobile web, mobile apps and video content. Our premium demand sources help you to monetize your inventory and earn highest eCPM.
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Inventory We Monetize

Key Features

Self-Serve Platform

Enables you to control each and every aspect of your inventory and monetization strategy.

Real-Time Bidding

Maximize your revenue potential through dynamic auction across all demand sources.

Premium Demand Mix

Get demand from all the major DSPs, ATDs, exchanges and networks through a single provide i.e Vertoz.

Highest Fill Rates

Our yield optimizer ensures highest fill at industry leading eCPMs.

Granular Reporting

View spontaneous reports and analytics of traffic performance and earnings in real time.

Innovative Ad Formats

Innovatively designed high impact ad formats that boost your audience experience.

Get noticed and build your targeted traffic

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