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Programmatic Video Ads – The Gleaming Path for Advertisers to Follow

Thanks to the arrival of high-speed data connectivity, and technologies like 3G, 4G, the upcoming 5G and fibre-based broadband services facilitating speeds of 100 Mbps, text-based content is slowly turning obsolete. Videos are the latest thing.

In a fortnightly column named #SimplyProgrammatic, published on AdAge India and authored by Ashish Shah (Founder and CEO, Vertoz) he elucidates upon the growing popularity of this format and how programmatic video advertising can help brands reach the right customers, at the right time, thereby increasing the brand awareness, and help brands fulfil their advertising KPIs. As per Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 2018 study, nearly $10 million on an average will be spent annually for brand’s digital and mobile video, a 53% increase over 2016.

This increase in the video ad spends does not come as a surprise. Text-based content is slowly being replaced by videos. Be it entertainment, education, or news and updates, videos are catering to everything. Swaths of audiences are now present on online video streaming platforms. Naturally, advertisers are bound to follow their audiences wherever they go. As a result, digital video advertising has been attracting advertisers attention since a while.

Techniques like programmatic video advertising enable brand managers to track and analyse the performance metrics, and optimize the strategy for a better ROI. It helps them to avoid buying unfruitful ad impressions and channelize their budgets towards the audience that actually matters. They can leverage a variety of formats to suit the needs of their audiences. These include formats like in-stream, out-stream and in-display video ads.

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