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Can Programmatic Buying achieve marketer’s dream of 1:1 marketing?


There is no hush-hush regarding programmatic buying and real-time bidding! They have changed the face of the digital media market vigorously. As digital marketing continues to transform, the challenge for marketers is to match up the pace with all the technological advances available around. Programmatic buying is the most exhilarating development in digital marketing industry so far. It’s rather predictable that it has a long way to go. So what is the buzz about programmatic buying and what can it do for the marketers?

Defining programmatic buying can be a problematic job, however at Vertoz we use a simple definition to describe the concept well. For us programmatic buying is an act of bidding on advertising inventory in real time, it is an opening for showcasing one specific ad to one customer, in one specific context. With the help of programmatic buying, advertisers purchase impressions individually based on rich data that offers an accurate depiction of the ideal audience. The reason behind why programmatic buying is now an integral part of a marketer’s toolbox is that they only pay for who they want to reach and where they want to reach.

The programmatic is an automated approach, the system acquires what’s functioning over a period of time and adapts its approach, this means that the campaign’s expenditure is fully optimized and focused on increasing outcomes. Programmatic buying allows marketers to pay for the customers they want to reach, rather should be reaching! However, it represents a notable transformation in crucial goals of advertising as it allows marketers to target one particular ad, for only one customer, i.e. 1:1 marketing at its best.

The rage of programmatic buying of display advertising is increasing and becoming a must-have for each and every media plans. As more and more advertisers are gaining an understanding about programmatic buying, the benefits that are provided are fruitful. The next level of programmatic will be really interesting to watch. We at Vertoz – Ingenious plex, are carving the next level of programmatic and already making ground in display, mobile, video and contextual advertising! Watch this space and us.