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Programmatic Advertising: Put Your Cricket Advertising Budgets To Good Use


Programmatic Advertising: Put Your Cricket Advertising Budgets To Good Use

With India on the verge of a digital revolution, viewers’ cricket viewing habits have transformed. As opposed to the traditional mediums, people now prefer digital platforms like OTTs and cricket portals to view the game or catch the live updates. As ICC World Cup and IPL stealing the show in the advertising industry, here’s a quick roundup of our CEO Ashish Shah’s recent interview with Indian Television, on how advertisers can make the most out of their cricket advertising budgets and leverage cricket portals, video streaming platforms, cricket portals, and Connected TVs – the unmissable digital advertising avenues, which attract swarms of viewers.

Thanks to the rising internet and mobile penetration in India, and especially in rural areas, the number of internet users in India is expected to reach 627 million in 2019. Also, there is a steady increase in the viewing times and traffic of sports inventories. However, as viewers swarm these digital platforms, advertisers need to ensure that they are reaching the right audience from this deluge of viewers.

Programmatic advertising is the perfect answer for this conundrum. Owing to its precise targeting capabilities, it can enable advertisers to get the much elusive combination of the right audience, at the right time and under the right context. This helps brands to get a better brand recall and greater brand visibility as compared to the traditional advertising mediums. Through PMP (Private Marketplace) deals and programmatic direct deals, advertisers can even directly target the audiences on specific cricket platforms preferred by their brand.

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