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Programmatic advertising firm Vertoz plans to raise Rs. 20 crores through IPO


In the news of announcing, Vertoz Advertising Ltd, India’s first programmatic advertising company venturing into the IPO (Initial Public Offering) way. The company is in the process of getting listed in NSE for its SME stock exchange Emerge. Vertoz is planning on diluting about 25%-26% stakes of the promoters giving way to raise Rs. 15 to 20 Crores through IPO.

Vertoz has already started extending into the US markets, and with the proceeds from IPO, it will be going ahead to expand its operations in Europe, West Asia and South-East. In India, the company is already engaging with the leading brands and names while promising to provide the due service to every business that knocks their doors irrespective of the size of their businesses.

Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO of Vertoz, shares that with the upcoming changes, the company is also going to focus on sourcing new advertisers and publishers along with more demand partners and supply partners. He quotes, “We are working to bring in new interactive ad formats time-to-time for display, video, mobile and native advertising for advertisers to connect better with their audiences.”

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About Vertoz:

Vertoz is the complete advertising and monetization suite. Programmatic advertising comprises of automated media buying, ad placement, and optimization of digital advertising, where both the supply partners and the demand partners are free from human intervention. Vertoz is among the top programmatic companies that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetizing solutions. Amongst all the top ad tech companies, we empower a global roster of top advertisers and publishers- all under one roof. We offer one-stop-shop for you!

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