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#Predictions2019: An Omnichannel Approach has to be an Integral Part of Brands’ Marketing and Advertising Strategies in 2019, says Ashish Shah, Vertoz

As we leave behind 2018, Vertoz’s Founder& CEO, Ashish Shah shares his views on what we may expect in the coming year, in his recent interaction with AdAge India.

He begins with a brief overview of how 2018 had been for Vertoz. He says that the constant growth in the digital advertising industry has reflected positively upon Vertoz. Speaking about how the market conditions are conducive for the growth of programmatic advertising in India currently, he says that Vertoz is all set to leverage this potential.

He says that in the light of the growth experienced in 2018, and considering the market conditions, he is very optimistic about the company’s and also the industry’s growth in 2019. With major events like the Cricket World Cup and upcoming general elections, a strong advertising demand can be anticipated.

Ashish lists five trends marketers must look out for in 2019, in order to make the most out of it. Programmatic video advertising and CTV is the hottest trend in the industry right now. Audiences are flocking video platforms and CTV and brands cannot miss this golden opportunity to reach out to their audiences. Platforms like OTTs are the next big thing, increasingly attracting advertising dollars. There is also a shift in towards tier 2/tier 3 cities as a majority of the millennials (97%) belong to these cities. More than a whopping 450 million millennials come from tier II and III cities. Continuing the trend in 2018, technologies like AI & ML will continue to play a vital role in helping advertisers achieve the desired ROI. Further, brands need to take the omnichannel approach to reach out to the audiences on multiple devices they are using to consume content.

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