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As an advertiser, you desire the maximum ROI through your ad spends. For this, you need to evaluate the performance of your ads. We, at Vertoz, understand this need and provide you with performance tracking facilities. With Vertoz, you can keep a track of your business KPIs like CTR and conversion ratio. This helps you form better strategies for your upcoming ad-campaigns.

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Being an advertiser, you expect to create better brand awareness, get more clicks and views, and have a better conversion rate. With Vertoz, you can be more performance-oriented as we provide you the real-time data about your ad performance. You can measure, analyse, and optimize your performance. Vertoz has tied up with tracking partners like Cake, Apsalar, Affise and Tune which brings enormous value to your ad spends by realizing your KPIs.

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Performance Advertising Tracking

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