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IngeniousPlex is an AI-fueled smart self-serve media buying platform for digital advertising agencies. It is a white-labeled solution which can be fully rebranded as per the requirements of the agencies. Led by programmatic technology, it is indeed a step forward in the future of the digital advertising universe.

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Made For Smart Growth

IncrementX Vertoz companies
IncrementX is an AI-driven platform for publishers that facilitates smart monetization for their sites. It provides publishers access to programmatic demand, technology, and expertise in ad operations so they can only focus on their prowess – content & user experience. With IncrementX, publishers can multiply their ad revenue with an industry-leading yield optimizer.

Our Focus Areas

  • 55+ Demand Partners
  • 500+ Direct Campaigns
  • 1BN Impressions/Month
  • 72% Fill Rate

Enabling Better User Experiences

Admozart Vertoz companies
Admozart is an ad network that helps advertisers reach the masses by harnessing contextual and video feeds. It connects advertisers to network publishers to get high yielding offers. Admozart strives to make the lives of advertisers easy through it’s data and tech-driven advertising solutions which inturn leads to enhanced user experience.


Direct Campaigns


Direct Campaigns
Ad Impressions

2Bn +

Ad Impressions

Driven By Performance

Adzurite Vertoz companies

Adzurite provides performance marketing solutions for all the performance and advertising needs. It’s advanced solutions and premium partners help advertisers earn enhanced ROIs. Adzurite helps in boosting the performance of the brands by optimizing its performance algorithms and leveraging media partners present globally.

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Data-driven Approach

Data-driven Approach

Value-added Services

Value-added Services

Empowering Robust Digitization

ZKraft Vertoz companies
ZKraft offers 360° digital consulting & solutions to businesses aiming to leverage the power of digital. It offers all the services right from content curation to UI/UX, SEO, social media, etc under one roof. ZKraft aims to help businesses secure greater revenues and gain enhanced exposure by harnessing the power of digital.
Vertoz companies

Our Expertise

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • UI/UX