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Native advertising: Keeping it short and sweet


Change is the only constant thing! In the beginning of this article on Financial Express, our CEO Ashish Shah is talking about new improved online platforms, creativity and technology that has given rise to the major changes in native advertising. He talks about new generation customers and their choices. How these customers respond to what they perceive as credible and show loyalty to brands they consider authentic. Ashish points out that this kind of trust and loyalty towards the brand can be generated by incorporating user-generated content in native advertising.

He suggested that delivering strong headlines and related content are more likely to attract users for reading or viewing the native ad. He explains that native advertising should be a part of the in-stream content and each ad should be designed uniquely for the platform that it is used on. He talks about how improved and advanced technology have given a high rise in video advertising.

Live video, virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree videos are now cheaper and easier than ever for publishers to produce and distribute on behalf of advertisers. With native advertising, advertisers can create stronger and better relationships with customers, and increase transparency, something that customers value. Both publishers and advertisers should understand the value of native advertising and realize its full potential of it.

Read full article here- Financial Express

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