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Ad Networks: Misconceptions customers have about our industry!


Online advertising industry is on an upswing. But the delusion regarding this particular industry or the networks as they do not provide transparency is on the rise. Perhaps it is muddled because of the transparency which takes different forms for different ad networks. To exemplify the degrees of transparency accessible by the networks and why these diverse layers are essential, it is necessary to evaluate the role of networks and how they offer their inventory. Ad networks were built to provide measurement and performance, definitely not to vend out individual sites. Reading through many misconceptions and prejudices I have decided to jot few cases and tried to clear the cloud regarding ad networks.

The first and the foremost one would be customer ran CPM ads for one day and got no earning so he removed those ads. Each and every ad networks takes at least a weeks’ time to analyze the traffic. They analyze the key words, visitors, visiting time, etc. All ad networks have a specific algorithm which takes substantial time to complete its research cycle and allotment of suitable ads for a site. If you do not give that significant amount of time, the ad networks cannot analyze the traffic and fetch you the best ads.

Customer has opted for CPM ad networks but according to him, he doesn’t need all clicks on the ads. One of the major misunderstandings about the CPM is, there is no need of clicks for CPM ads. But, it is not true. Advertisers pay for alteration. Just imagine yourself in the shoes of advertisers, why will you pay for views if it does not bring any visitors to your site, product or anything that you are endorsing. Suppose an advertiser is paying money for thousands of views, then he expects some clicks from the visitors and most importantly some business out from those clicks. If your traffic is decent and the advertiser is getting good alteration, then it is clear that the clicks are necessary even if you are using CPM ads.

Customer can keep ten ads on one page and he will get larger revenue. This can be practical but will not help that customer in the long term. Too many ads on the website can crumple the look and can create an adverse effect on your earnings. Just keep three to four ads with altered positions and you will see individuals taking a gaze at your content and clicking on your ads too.

An advertising network generally related to advertisement campaigns by discovering sites with content inventory that relates to the need of advertisers. The weakness of ad networks is that a site must give up some control of its advertising. Vertoz provides its users with a self- serve platform through which you can monitor the campaigns and its properties. Plus with an advanced control panel where you can check your real-time data, reports, and you can get updates regarding your revenue. You can control performance and manage what you want.