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Know the Power of a “No”: An Important Lesson for Entrepreneurs


Every entrepreneur has to balance multiple tasks on a day-to-day basis. It may sometimes get overwhelming and may hinder the output. Add to it the numerous opportunities and the instances to explore new ideas. How does one solve this problem? Hiren Shah, Founder, and Chairman, Vertoz, says that the solution is to learn the art of saying NO.

Once the entrepreneur is focused on what is absolutely essential to the growth of the company, he will be able to pare down every other superfluous task that consumes time, energy and resources. When you say yes to everything, you run the risk of getting diverted from your current priorities. Not just that, you also load your plate with more problems.

There may be a range of reasons why a person ends up saying “yes” instead of saying ”no”. These may include the fear of losing out on an opportunity, the inability to set your priorities, to avoid hurting the other person, or a fear of rejection from the other person in the future. But, one needs to set up a clear goal and a clear vision.

The goal must be to deliver the best solutions in the domain of expertise, in a way that will positively and impact change people’s lives for better. Having sales or revenue driven goals will it difficult to say no. You will end up saying yes to everything, which will strain you and create an obstacle to growth and success.

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