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How Innovative ad formats can help marketers for better engagement?


An ad format is intended to promote advertiser’s product or services using publisher’s website as a platform. Traditional ad format is a part of online advertising which embeds an advertisement into a web page and it is delivered by an ad server. However, the scenario is changing constantly in this ever growing world of programmatic. Traditional ad formats are decaying because it is becoming too monotonous for the user, less user engagement and hence it is leading to the low brand recall value.

As marketers try to fight out customer’s disapproval against the traditional ad formats, such as banners, pop-ups and auto play videos. It is acting like a mere hoarding on the road which a customer blindly ignores. It is creating an utter scenario of banner-blindness for the advertisers. The main reason advertisers and marketers are moving towards native advertising and innovative ad formats is because most the customers don’t respond well to the traditional digital ad formats, such as banners and text ads.

New ad formats are constantly in demand for agencies and brands alike. Agencies are required to show their clients and customers that they have all-round knowledge about the latest trends in the ad technologies and placements. Advertisers must consistently deliver innovative solutions to capture customer’s attention.

  • Demand for new ad formats


    Vertoz studies the market carefully and we have seen more business to business campaigns procurement into engagement ad formats recently. Engagement formats capture attention, encouraging customers to spend time exploring into the brand to discover more about the advertiser. They are key to brands which aim to establish strong nexus with the customers.

    Such nexus builds trust and loyalty, and they also suggest the best prospect of creating brand believers, which is very important on social media. Therefore, the backgrounds of these creative engagement campaigns have developed captivating and entertaining content to be dispersed at scale around the web through new ad formats.

  • Effect of engagement ad formats


    Engagement ads are an amazing option for veteran advertisers who wants to create and promote an effectively branded campaign. Since Google is now permitting self-service creation and management of engagement ads directly, it is easier for the advertisers to take benefit of new ad formats and they can claim 10% more user engagement.

    Google introduced Lightbox ads which are rich media display and expandable ads that run across their display network. Newly responsive Lightbox ads units shares a chunk of a larger mobile display ad push, and are now available to all advertisers through AdWords. They overhauled the interactive ad format ads to run on the desktop as well as on mobile devices. Ad products at Vertoz are responsively designed which will boost your content. We have a wide collection of programmatic-friendly and innovative ad formats. You can customize and create captivating ads that are highly engaging and have potential to generate high revenues worldwide.

  • Branding through innovative ad formats


    Brands and agencies often feel obligatory to count on standard IAB banners; however, research shows that the majority of these ads are overlooked or missed rather being clicked upon. It’s high time to switch to a new range of CPC formats. These formats must be encouraged by the achievement of the best engagement formats, i.e. it must be customer-centric, user-controlled and responsive.

    Innovative ad formats must be placed correctly at unobtrusive yet highly viewable points of customers’ content experience. It must also be contextually pertinent to the articles they are placed in. These new ad formats are designed in such a way that they connect to the customers directly, along with the high-quality content that brands have been building for so long. That’s some of the thinking behind our own new range of innovative ad formats.

  • Continuous innovation for better performance


    Ad format innovation usually shoots up according to the market need, whether it is an obligation to improve the performance of a specific integration or a new format vision that could make an alteration. Here we would like to share the best practices and process employed at Vertoz. It starts from design mock-ups, building prototypes that go into testing later. In order to authenticate new formats, we capitulate them to severe testing in front of our control version, i.e. the current format.

    Once it is delivered, the optimization process remains same for each and every publisher. We support our phases with systematic and detailed analytics on user behavior, impressions, the rate of interactions, conversions rates, etc. New formats are constantly twisted in terms of animation, tech, interaction or design. Replication isn’t a fastened loop but an open process with constant optimization to reach the highest performance possible.

    Today, potentials for interaction are endless. The banner as we know it should ultimately crawl back to desktops and innovative ad units will continue to show their potential. Offering great advertising experiences, serving publishers to monetize their apps and mobile websites while conserving and engaging users with advertisers is the ultimate motto.

  • How Vertoz’s RTB helps to target the right audience with innovative ad formats?


    We at Vertoz identify and reach the most pertinent audiences worldwide on all devices and platforms with our exclusive targeting technology. New innovative ads will be positioned on premium websites which are most relevant to your brand, hence it will boost up your audience and user engagement.

    We strive for online ad impression to make your ad reach your potential customer and safeguard brand recognition through our RTB enabled platform. We deliver thousands of ad opportunities per second on your behalf and assure more ad space. If you have comments, questions, or would like to know more about the new innovative media and ad, contact us or let us know in the comments!