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Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising

With DOOH, brands can get 2x more brand visibility and 2.5x more impact
than traditional static OOH ads.


In today’s attention economy, where the brand message gets drowned easily in the deluge of ads, brands strive to get their consumers’ attention and to create a lasting impression on their minds. An effective way to accomplish this is through DOOH Advertising.

What Is DOOH Advertising

Digitial-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising includes putting up outdoor digital billboards, which allow brands to display moving imagery in a contextually relevant and timely manner.

How DOOH Helps

Experience And Expertise

No adblocking, below the fold, or changing channels.

One-Stop Solution

Create a meaningful and relatable connection with your customers

AI & ML Driven Platform

Get a measurable brand recall through detailed attribution reports

Powered By Data

Get in-depth demographics and viewership analytics

Transparent And Flexible

More space for creativity as brands can display fresh content every time

Advanced DOOH Advertising Engine Vertoz’s Ingenious Plex

Targeting Verticals We Support

We Represent 15k+ DOOH Screens In India

Media Planning


Data Analysis


Media Buying


Campaign Audit

Internal Comms

Campaign  Management


Product Launch Strategy

Shopping Malls

Campaign Optimization


ROI Growth

Smart Cities

Campaign Optimization

Gas Stations

Campaign Optimization


ROI Growth


ROI Growth

Cab Roof Top

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