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Indian Marketers Not Investing Enough to Make Programmatic Work


Advertisers in India are unwilling to try new tools and set aside sufficient budget in programmatic, which may prevent them from getting the results the ad platform can provide. Vertoz’s founder and CEO Ashish Shah says, all the marketers are need to realize that programmatic is more than a trading platform. Programmatic in India is a fresh term and many people have yet to understand what it is. While it has high demand, and reach in the international market, Indian marketers still prefer the traditional ways of advertising.

Indian marketers now must look at setting aside more budget and adopting programmatic. Unlike traditional advertising, programmatic provides transparency, viewability, targeting, and retargeting in real-time and a wide range of ad formats and channels on which they can run their ad campaigns. With programmatic gaining a foothold in India, organizations need to be more open-minded and embrace the change that online advertising is bringing to the local ad market.

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