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How Programmatic Advertising Will Help You Sail through the Digital Disruption

With the introduction of digital media, an evolution has emerged in the field of advertising. The consumption patterns have drastically changed. Everyone is going digital. Businesses are also making their online presence felt in order to meet their customers. The digital world has also made it easier for businesses to know the changing needs of their customers.

With the emergence of the digital age, came a new set of problems. To survive now, one has to find innovative ways to address these problems. The fact that the consumers are omnipresent over various channels and devices has made it imperative for businesses to deliver consistent communication to their customers across all these channels and devices. Programmatic techniques like Omnichannel targeting and Cross-Device targeting are the perfect remedy for these problems.

Further, Data Management Platforms (DMPs) along with advanced algorithms and technologies like AI and ML, enable businesses to track and mine information about their customers and create their accurate profiles with the help of their digital footprints emerging from multiple devices and spotting interesting patterns hidden within it. This involves niche targeting options like demographic targeting, geo-targeting, targeting the O.S. and O.S version, browser and browser version, devices and device ID and the like.

With most of the businesses entering the digital field, your customer has multiple brand options to choose from. With an average attention span of consumer being just eight seconds, the differentiating factor is not the way targeting is done, but the way message is delivered. Through Programmatic Techniques like Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), a business can deliver personalized ads on run-time, based on the users’ real-time inputs. Creative Management Platforms (CMP), offer computer-aided tool for DCO. They further improve the performance of an advertiser’s creative by enhancing the ad unit’s feature set. Programmatic Real-time Bidding (RTB) facilitates competition among multiple demand sources. This helps in having a clean costing structure and also brings in more transparency.

The amalgamation of these advanced techniques helps to increase the conversion rates, which results in an increased ROI for the advertisers. The 30 days decision period of a consumer makes it important for the advertisers to know when and where during the decision cycle is the conversion rate maximum. Programmatic advertising lets you capture the data at each stage of the cycle and lets you analyse it and optimize it for better ‘View Through Conversions’.

It is all about targeting the right customers, at the right time and the right place, as its crucial to understand the point where consumers are most likely to convert. Programmatic guides you to that very path and thus is the right choice to help you sail through the digital disruption.

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