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How Programmatic Advertising Can Boost Your IPL 2020 Digital Ad Campaigns

Cricket is a religion in India. The one religion that unites everyone, cutting across all casts, borders, and languages. Thus, it is the perfect advertising opportunity for brands to It would be an understatement to say that Indians are crazy about the sport. With IPL 2020 just around the corner, Hotstar is said to be targeting a reach of 400 million up from 300 million last year, and that’s just the digital viewership. These numbers are testimony enough to the strong audience pull cricket has.

Traditionally, audiences receive cricket updates through mediums like Television and Radio. However, lately, there has been a shift in viewing patterns. As technology has made entertainment available on-the-go, young viewers have been preferring to consume the content over digital platforms. This has been further supported by India’s increasing internet and mobile penetration. According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report, India is expected to have more than 907 million internet users by 2023, accounting for nearly 64% of the population.

The penetration has increased even in rural areas, with estimates of 290 million rural internet users by the end of 2019. Further, owing to factors like low-cost data and affordable handset prices the time spent on mobile devices has increased to a greater extent. As a result, India’s sports-viewing habits have shifted when it comes to digital usage. Nowadays, audiences across tier II and III, especially the millennials, are watching the matches online. Sports inventories are experiencing a steady increase in traffic and viewing times. Thus, it is an unmissable opportunity for advertisers to reach this audience base. It is the perfect way for brands to increase their brand visibility on the Internet.

Going the programmatic way!
Limiting-AdvertisementsProgrammatic advertising is the right way for advertisers to boost their IPL 2020 Digital Ad Campaigns and reach the right audience among those that flock to the video streaming apps and platforms. It uses advanced data-crunching capabilities to find the right target audiences for the brands. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) can be used to target audiences who are interested in sports, and especially cricket lovers. DMPs analyze and process the data about these viewers and help brands to reach out to the right viewers the right way and at the right time. DMPs can help to decide the channels and mediums that will work the best for a particular audience segment. Programmatic direct and PMP deals can be used to directly target cricket platforms.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) can be used to dynamically change the creative copies as per the viewers’ real-time preferences and for retargeting them. Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) can be used to create personalized and optimized ad copies, improving workflows, and streamlining design. Geo-targeting can be used to target cricket lovers outside India in countries that have NRIs and where Indian brands would prefer to target. Brand communication messages relevant to that particular region and geo can be displayed to these audiences. DMPs can be used to decide when and where to target them and which channels can be used to engage them.

Targeting only the right users through programmatic advertising will help to eliminate inefficiencies and channelize the ad budgets towards the right viewers. Granular reports will help to evaluate data and the campaign performance to further optimize the targeting strategy. The use of cross-device targeting will help to reach out to the viewers that are using multiple devices to consume content.

A word of caution
A-word-of-cautionWhile all this will bring huge benefits, it is also important for brands to be cautious about issues like brand safety and ad fraud. Transparency and adjacency issues can cause a lot of damage to the campaign if proper measures are not taken to avoid these problems. For this, brands must ensure that they choose the right programmatic advertising platforms. A platform that provides complete transparency and has ad fraud detection and prevention mechanisms is a good choice to partner with.

IPL 2020 Digital Ad Campaigns on OTT platforms
Advertising-for-IPL-2020-on-OTT-platformsDigital platforms like OTTs are audiences’ new go-to platforms for entertainment. As per recent data, 96% of the videos on Hotstar are watched for an average of 20 mins! Naturally, advertisers cannot miss this opportunity to reach their customers! Thus, OTTs have are gradually becoming a favorite avenue for advertisers. Considering India’s cricket-crazy audience audiences naturally throng digital platforms like Hotstar, crickbuzz, espncricinfo,, and, for something as hot as live score updates for IPL 2020, making these platforms coveted advertising avenues.

At Vertoz, we offer advertisers the chance to leverage these platforms for accomplishing their advertising goals. Through these platforms, we facilitate brands to catch millions of eyeballs, especially so during the much-awaited IPL 2020 matches, and gain maximum brand awareness and strong brand recall. Our video campaigns on platforms like Hotstar allow brands to get their brand message across in a highly effective manner and also facilitate brands to forge a connection with their audience.

If you want to know more about running your IPL 2020 Digital Ad Campaigns on OTT platforms, you can reach us at