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How New Age Technologies Are Changing the Ad-Tech Industry

We have been blessed with the new age technologies like Cloud computing, Programmatic Advertising, Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & machine learning, etc. These technologies have changed the way businesses reach out to their consumers. Post the invention of these technologies, advertising has taken a new form, providing cutting-edge ad solutions. Ashish Shah (Founder & CEO, Vertoz), talks about the emergence of these new age technologies and the way they are reshaping the ad-tech industry, in his recent interaction with the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Ashish says that Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are constantly under pressure to increase the performance of their campaigns and deliver results better than the traditional marketing methods. Programmatic advertising has made this possible through the techniques like header bidding. Programmatic advertising has a range of benefits like greater efficiency and optimum results for all the stakeholders in the advertising ecosystem, among others.

But, even programmatic advertising has its own share of problems like lack of a complete transparency and ad frauds. But, Ashish says that a technology called the Blockchain provides a solution to this problem. Blockchain technology provides a transparent ledger of all records and transactions, thus reducing the possibilities of frauds.

Ad-tech is powered by data. With the advent of social media and use of digital devices so rampant, a huge volume of data is generated every second. It is important to store and process this data and gain insights from it in order to power the ad-tech industry. This is made possible by technologies like Big Data. Big-Data has found some amazing applications in user behaviour analytics, behaviour profiling, targeting, and for gaining customer insights.

None of this would have been possible without AI and Machine learning. The concept of programmatic buying is based on AI and machine learning. Due to AI and machine learning, the ad buying process is completely automated. It uses algorithms to connect advertisers to the relevant publishers.

Ashish says, these and many other technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Connected TV, cloud computing, etc. are redefining advertising. The future is already here, as these technologies form a part of our daily lives, changing the way we live.

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