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How Campaign Audience Analysis Helps To Boost Your ROI

In our recent campaigns for a major BFSI client, the outcome was astounding. In programmatic advertising, audience analysis is one of the most important factors for precise optimization. Targeted group on a broader level will share similar qualities, but at a granular level, that group must have widely different properties. We began the campaign with standard interest-based targeting for people across India, aged between 24-45, and interested in finance, news and sports. After delivering respectable impressions in a few days, while the campaign was running, we analyzed the audience data with the help of our Data Management Platform (DMP).

With our media buying platform and DMP, we analysed thousands of data points in a quest to find granular segments for more personalized targeting for the remaining period of the campaign. We analysed view-through and click-through interactions and discovered that the people interested in heavy weight lifting, wrestling, and extreme sports was more inclined towards buying the product.

Once the campaign starts running, the audience which sees the ad or interacts with it is analyzed with the help of a DMP. Advertisers can get a better understanding of the interests, preferences, demographics, location, and other aspects of this group. This data can be gained with the help of an impression pixel or a click pixel. This, in turn, can be used to generate a new audience called lookalike audience as they are the “lookalike” of your existing prospects. The bigger the audience set of the click pixel the more accurate audience can be generated.

“Campaign Audience Analysis” was the hero in this campaign for this life insurance product. It helps advertisers to target better. It allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their current and potential customers to improve marketing strategy, customer experience, and brand perception.

Getting a deeper understanding of the audience that has already engaged with your ad is the crucial first step to reach the right and relevant audience. This goes a long way in boosting your sales and increasing your ROI.

At Vertoz, we help you to effectively discover and reach the audience relevant to your products. To know more about how we did this, download the case study here. For any further enquiries, you can drop us a mail at mktg(at) or simply click here.