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How AI & Machine Learning are enriching Programmatic Advertising

AI and machine learning have made their presence felt through the wide range of applications in various industries. Programmatic Advertising is one such industry which has been hugely impacted by AI and Machine Learning. Ashish Shah (Founder & CEO, Vertoz) recently spoke with AdAge India on “How AI and Machine Learning are enriching Programmatic Advertising”.

AI and Machine Learning have made possible many techniques which were previously only dreamt of. Imagine being able to predict whether or not an impression may result in an actual conversion and buying only the ones that are likely to convert. That would reduce the costs dramatically, sending the profits skyrocketing.

This is just one of the possible applications of these life-changing technologies. It is a great help in campaign optimization. It analyzes huge sets of past data and comes up with the most optimized campaigns, based on the insights.

AI and Machine Learning enable better targeting. Audience data is gathered, processed, analyzed, and segmented to reveal the target audience best suited for a particular ad campaign. This complex procedure can be accomplished only with the help of AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

AI-driven ad creatives are a rage in the industry. It is the next-gen version of Dynamic Creative Optimization. Thousands of highly relevant ad copies can be made by forming multiple permutations and combinations of the creatives and taglines, based on the audience insights learned from the data sets. Ad creatives which interact with the users can also be made with the help of AI. This helps drive more engagement, resulting in a better brand recall, and improved sales.

Other benefits include data-driven insights, real-time optimization through continuous learning, and a better ROI.

For more insights, read the full article here.