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Guest Column: What Is The Forecast For Video Advertising In 2017-18?


Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO – Vertoz Advertising Ltd., recently wrote for the expressing the upcoming changes in the advertising industry. He summons to Youtube’s Robert Kyncl words from a few years back when he had anticipated that by the year 2020, 90 percent of all internet traffic will be video-centric, and by the looks of current flow in media and advertising the prediction is reaching its peak point positively.

The trend of video advertising helps to stronger the connection between the consumer and the brand, as it helps to narrate a story. Along with the rewarding policy of notifying consumers with a newsletter, embedding video will help in connecting and achieving customer open and view-through rates resulting in giving your brand a thumbs-up in the industry. The Live streaming features through social media allow an unedited access to the advertising of your product, receiving a greater level of trust and instant feedback from the consumer. The temporary content that comes in form of Insta-stories and snapchat stories also helps in generating urgency and curiosity amongst your consumer circle, luring them to one time only experiences. The 360-degree video facility comes in benefit for consumers while making purchasing decisions also the format is resourceful for businesses like real estate as it lets someone feel like they are taking a glance of the product face to face.

All these strategies have already been in motion since 2017, and will only go in the upward direction with the arrival of 2018.

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