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Guest Column: Blockchain in Media & Advertising


Blockchain is a massive ledger of transactions which operates in a decentralized network format as an open and shared database. Blockchain promises security as you go along transmitting or including crucial information. It’s decentralized nature guarantees no alteration or any destruction of data by a single person involved in the system. It stays transparent amongst everyone included in the chain. It has been established valuable across the finance industry for currency transfers, as it secures information along with tracking the objects.

The adverts can view the possibilities and more capability of Blockchain which goes beyond finance. The use of Blockchain in other streams like Marketing, Advertising and more also promise a great helpful success. The possibility of it’s scraping it’s way into the media industry can be seen in the period of four to five years. For example, it will promise the tracking of the complete chain of advert delivery from the company wanting to put out the ad to the delivery point, cleaning up the fraud on the path in less expensive and quicker system.

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