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GST – Here’s How It Will Help Your Startup


Since the talks of GST (Goods & Service Tax) spread around the country there has been numerous speculations and discussions going around. It is about to bring a major change in the economy of the country. Everyone has been sharing their thoughts on the upcoming changes with the implication of GST, all the What, Why, When, How’s are being asked and answered around. But the main question is who will be affected by it the most. Well, the answer to that is The Startups will be the most benefited by the execution of the GST laws. Modi, since his prime ministry has shown keen interest in the upliftment and encouraging new businesses. Thus, a tax law which benefits the new comers just about sounds like a Modi move.

The article has briefly answered all the above What, Why, When and How’s for the layman and businessmen alike. It further also shares how the centralization of the Taxes will affect the common man.

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