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An Ad Unit is the space on a webpage where ads are displayed. Ad units on the Internet include banners, buttons, micro buttons, pop ups, skyscrapers, text links, interstitials, superstitials, etc. They are usually defined by the IAB as voluntary guidelines. An ad unit can display one or more ads. You determine how you want an ad unit to look, where you want it to appear on a page, and what kind of ad content you’d like to see displayed. You can add different ad units to different pages on your website, or use a single ad unit for all webpages.

To set up the appearance of an ad unit, you can choose, customize a template, or create an individual format. After you format an ad unit, Pubcenter generates a snippet of code for you to paste into the code of the pages that you want ads to appear on. After you publish those pages, you will receive ads automatically.

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